No Needles, No Pain - Acupuncture Patches for Pets - Dr. Susanne Hauswirth

No Needles, No Pain – Acupuncture Patches for Pets

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  • Content: 1 Book
  • writen by: Dr. Susanne Hauswirth
  • Publisher: Verlag Phoenix&Drache

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No Needles, No Pain – Acupuncture Patches for Pets

LifeWave patches are a new revolutionary invention of the American David Schmidt, derived from the ancient art of Chinese traditional medicine. They‘re easy to use. It is easy to learn the placement of the patches and they can be used on any animal. In this little booklet, you‘ll learn how to help your elderly dog, how to position calming patches on animals afraid of thunderstorms, how to improve the performance of your horse in competitions. And so much more!
Everyone can do it. Why not give it a try? With the help of this guide, you‘ll soon become confident and professional.
This booklet contains
• a short introduction on the effects of the patches
• a short excursion into the arts of Traditional Chinese
Veterinary Medicine • a description of LifeWave patches that are already available, and how to place them on horses and smaller animals
• a clear summary of all the patches arranged in a table
• the patch placement positions for selected ailments in a well illustrated section for horses and smaller animals

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